The Best Breast Pumps of 2024

Navigating the world of breast pumps can be overwhelming for new and expecting mothers, given the diverse range of options available in 2024. The choices are extensive, from manual to electric, hospital-grade to hands-free. Understanding your preferences and needs is crucial in finding the best breast pump that aligns with your lifestyle. To help you make an educated decision, here are the best breast pumps of 2024.

Different Types of Breast Pumps

Everyone has different preferences regarding breast pumping, so it's important to understand the differences between the styles first. The primary types of traditional breast pumps to choose from include:

Manual Breast Pump — Manual pumps allow you to express breast milk by hand. Some women prefer them as they're very basic and don't require any power source. However, they do require a bit more work.

Electric Breast Pump — An electric pump is powered by batteries or plugged into an outlet. It often comes with adjustable settings and speeds to personalize your pumping experience and make the process more efficient. You can choose between double electric pumps or single pump options.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pump — Hospital-grade pumps are often recommended for mothers who experience challenges with breastfeeding or whose babies are in the NICU. They're typically the most powerful breast pumps and may not be covered by insurance unless medically necessary. Hospital-grade pumps are often rented, not owned.

Wearable Breast Pumps — Wearable pumps (hands-free pumps) are designed to fit inside a bra, maximizing convenience and mobility. They're compact and discreet but still offer powerful suction.

Portable Breast Pumps — Portable pumps are essentially any breast pump that doesn't need to be plugged into the wall to operate.

You can also choose between open-system breast pumps and closed-system breast pumps. The open system means there's no barrier between the pump itself and the parts, which could result in your pump coming in contact with breast milk. This can lead to sanitary issues and functional problems if not cleaned. A closed system has a barrier between the tubing and the parts to help prevent moisture buildup or breast milk leakage.

Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Breast Pump for Your Needs

Everyone is different, so the best pump for your needs may not be the best for your friends or vice versa. For example, the best breast pumps for working moms could differ from those for moms who nurse more often throughout the day. To help you find a breast pump that works best for you, it's important to understand the following factors.

  • Purpose
  • Suction strength
  • Adjustable settings
  • Noise
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use

Leading Breast Pump Brands of 2024

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a breast pump is the brand. Several manufacturers are available, many of which offer excellent breast pumps that fit your needs. Some of the most trusted brands include:

What Are the Best Breast Pumps on the Market?

Sorting through the best-rated breast pumps can be overwhelming, but if you know what type of pump you need, things get a little less complicated. To help you understand your options, here are our top picks for the best breast pumps through insurance.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump — This manual pump offers new mothers a simple and affordable way to express milk. If, for some reason, your insurance plan doesn't cover a pump (i.e., you are part of one of the grandfathered clauses), this is an affordable yet effective option.

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump — This is a great accessory to pair with a traditional pump. You can use it on one breast while you pump with the other to collect milk passively without any extra effort.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

ameda mya joy pump 

Ameda Mya Joy PLUS — The Mya Joy PLUS is a closed system pump that combines hospital-strength performance with an incredibly small pump design for maximum portability—it comfortably fits in the palm of your hand and has a whisper-quiet operation. It's paired with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, USB charging cord, and convenient wrist lanyard and is adaptable for single or double pumping. The Ameda Mya Joy PLUS is also extremely portable at less than half a pound.

ardo calypso pump 

Ardo Calypso Essentials — This pump was made in Switzerland and features independent vacuum and cycle adjustment with 64 total settings for maximum comfort and gentleness. It's considered one of the quietest breast pumps on the market and has a gentle yet effective feel. The Vacuum Seal™ technology creates a completely closed system so that no milk will get in the tubes or pump. The pump set's unique Line&Lock™ feature secures the lid against accidental pull-off and spillage.

spectra synergy gold pump 

Spectra® Synergy Gold — The new Synergy Gold electric breast pump offers the industry's most advanced and up-to-date technology. The SG is the first that allows moms to adjust each side independently, so instead of focusing on one breast at a time, you can customize the settings to fit your changing needs.

Best Double Electric Breast Pumps

evenflo deluxe advanced pump

Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Double Electric — The Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump features independent speed and suction controls to help maximize your milk output while remaining comfortable and gentle on your breasts. It's quiet and portable, and the pump comes with several accessories to help support your breast-pumping journey. Different-sized breast shields are included to ensure an optimal fit.

lansinoh smartpump 3.0

Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 — The Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 has three sizes of ComfortFit® flanges, a Bluetooth® connected Lansinoh Baby app to track your pumping sessions, and cordless pumping capability automatically. You can choose from three pumping systems and eight adjustable, hospital-strength suction levels for ultimate power and comfort.

medela pump in style

Medela Pump in Style ® Breast Pump w/ Maxflow — This is another of the best double breast pumps available. It's a double electric breast pump developed for moms who pump several times daily. Designed to make breastfeeding easier, Medela allows you to Pump in Style with Maxflow Breast Pump. It features MaxFlow™ technology and 2-Phase Expression®, translating to more milk in less time.

spectra s2 pump

Spectra S2 Plus — The Spectra S2 Plus is popular with many new moms. It uses a gentle "suckling" pumping pattern to provide productive, comfortable, and successful pumping sessions that get more milk out in less time. This is a great option if you need to use a breast pump with hospital-grade suction that still feels gentle. An alternative to this is the Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump.

zomee z2 pump

Zomee Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump — This pump features three Modes and 19 different suction levels, which help mimic the natural sucking rhythm of nursing. This lightweight and easy-to-use breast pump can be easily transported and set up for use in any room in your home, office, or on the go.

Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps / Best Wearable Breast Pumps

freemie independence ii pump

Freemie Independence II — This breast pump is one of the original wearable pumps that has stood the test of time. With hands-free, concealable cups, you can wear the pump without anyone noticing and collect up to 8 ounces of breast milk in each cup. It has over 100 pump settings and can engage Turbo® power for an extended draw and release cycle. It also has a memory function to maintain the consistency of your favorite settings over multiple pumps.

medela freestyle pump

Medela Freestyle™ Hands-Free — This is Medela's first wearable, hands-free double electric breast pump. It gives you the ultimate flexibility to pump anytime, anywhere. It's paired with discreet, automatically shaped collection cups designed to maximize expression and comfort and is ultralightweight. Plus, only three breast pump parts make assembly and clean-up a breeze.

willow 3.0 pump

Willow® 3.0 Leak-Proof Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump — This leak-proof, cord-free, in-bra pump is the only wearable with 360° mobility and complete freedom, all with hospital-grade suction. You can also choose from two storage options—pump directly into self-sealing storage bags or pump and transfer from reusable containers.

willow go wearable pump

Willow Go™ Wearable Hands-Free, Cord-Free Double Electric Breast Pump — This pump was made for multitasking. With a sleek design that fits completely in your bra, you can pump quietly and discreetly without bulky motors or dangling wires.

Best Portable Breast Pumps

elvie stride pump

Elvie Stride — The Elvie Stride breast pump allows you to pump on the go with discretion. It weighs less than 5 oz per cup with one simple wire and a motor that can be clipped onto your pants. It's also paired with SmartRhythm™ pumping to help optimize your milk output as your needs change through your pumping journey.

freemie rose pump

Freemie Rose — The Freemie Rose is a new and sleek designed system that helps you get the most out of each pump session. The ultra-discreet SlimFit5 Cups are easily worn in your bra and paired with a beautifully powerful Rose Pump. It comes equipped with a Sleep Timer and noise-reduction technology for pumping on the go. The system also boasts simplified settings and several breast shield sizes (25mm, 28mm, and 30mm) for customized comfort. Each SlimFit5 Cup can collect up to 5 oz of breast milk and is made with food-safe, medical-grade plastic free from latex, BPS, BPA, or DEHP.

Medela Swing Maxi — The Medela Swing Maxi™ was designed for moms on the go. With a rechargeable battery and an all-in-one solution, this is a great option when you need to pump away from home—it even comes with a backpack with an integrated cooler.

Unimom Minuet LCD Portable — This innovative, compact design provides powerful, double-expressing performance. It features seven massage modes and nine expressing modes to make pumping more comfortable and efficient. The Minuet also offers two special patterns of expression modes that mimic the way a baby nurses. With an in-built rechargeable battery and a new, improved hygienic backflow protection system, the Minuet is on trend with an informative LCD and USB charge port.

spectra 9 plus pump

Spectra 9 Plus — The Spectra 9 Plus 9 rechargeable and portable breast pump is the most compact model in Spectra's line of innovative products. Only weighing l/2 lb, the 9 Plus has unique features that make pumping a more natural part of the nursing process. Like all Spectra pumps, the 9 Plus is hospital-strength and a closed system, creating a hygienic barrier between outside contaminants and mother's milk.

How to Get the Best Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all new and expecting mothers can receive a breast pump with zero out-of-pocket costs through their insurance provider. This includes coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, and more. However, coverage can vary based on the type of breast pump and need, so it's important to check with your provider for eligibility specifics. You'll also need to see if a prescription is required from your doctor or OB/GYN. Most insurance providers will require a prescription for breast pumps, but Byram Healthcare is available to help simplify the process and streamline your order.

Byram Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading medical supply companies. We work to connect new and expecting mothers with the necessary education, support, and supplies they need for a successful pregnancy and parenting journey. Our easy, three-step ordering process allows new mothers to get their insurance-covered breast pump as soon as possible. We also collaborate with providers and manufacturers to match new and expecting mothers with the ideal breast pump for their needs. Get started by reviewing our breast pump comparison chart. If you have any insurance-related questions, contact Byram Healthcare's breast pump experts for assistance.