Medela Freestyle™ Hands-free Double Electric Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle™ Hands-free gives you the flexibility to pump anytime anywhere.

Medela Freestyle Hands-free breast pump

Pump Anytime

Pump anytime, anywhere with Medela’s first wearable hands-free double electric breast pump. Freestyle™ Hands-free includes discreet, anatomically shaped collection cups uniquely designed to maximise milk expression and comfort*. The new wearable collection cups are ultralightweight**, only 3 parts for easy cleaning and are transparent making it easy to align your nipple and see your milk flowing.

Use with Medela Family™ app to automatically track your pumping session.

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Features & Benefits


Medela Freestyle™ Hands-free gives you the flexibility to pump anytime anywhere. The rechargeable pocket-sized pump and wearable collection cups keep your hands free for multi-tasking.



Research-based hands-free collection cups designed to avoid localised compression and maximise milk flow, with a broader lower half to support the underside of the breast and a smooth surface and rim which flares away from the breast1.


Freestyle™ Hands-free mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm – stimulating milk flow at first followed by a slow expression of milk2

Swing Maxi motor


Ultralight, wearable collection cups, weighing 76g each, are designed to sit discreetly in your bra and mimic the shape of the lactating breast for discretion and comfort.


Connect with the award-winning Medela Family™ app to plan and track your feeding schedule, and gain exclusive access to virtual milk storage



To clean, dishwasher safe and easy to assemble.

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Meet the new Freestyle Hands-free Pump

What's in the Box?

box contents
  • (1) Freestyle breast pump unit
  • (1) Hands-free Kit
  • (2) Shells/Cups
  • (2) Silicone Membranes
  • (2) 24 mm breast shields
  • (2) 21 mm breast shields
  • (1) Tubing
  • (1) Power adaptor with USB-C cable;
  • (1) Instruction for use
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