Freemie Rose Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump

Meet the beautiful Freemie Rose! Enjoy lightweight and quiet pumping that is more discreet than ever before.

Freemie Rose Breast Pump

Rose Premium Hands-Free Breast Pump System

Meet our sleek new pumping system! Ultra discreet SlimFit5 Cups are worn in-bra and paired with our beautifully powerful Rose Pump. Sleep Timer, simplified settings, and an array of sizes in a pretty bundle elevate pumping to a whole new level. Cups hold 5 ounces of milk each and come with sizes 25mm, 28mm and 30mm.

Freemie model

Lightweight Comfort

Freemie Rose includes our ultra-lightweight SlimFit5 Cups that are so sleek and discreet no one will know you’re pumping. Heavy devices sitting on your breasts are uncomfortable when you’re lactating, and that weight pinching your ducts is not good for milk production. Rose Pump with SlimFit5 Cups offer lightweight comfort and are a fraction of the weight of any other wearable pump in the world!

Cup Showcase

Pump Features


This patented wearable breast pump system allows you to pump anytime, anywhere with the ultra-light Freemie Rose Premium rechargeable pump, and hands-free, concealable Freemie SlimFit5 Collection Cups.


The Rose Pump features an adjustable Sleep Timer so you can catch some zzz’s while collecting oz’s. Noise reduction technology makes this pump super quiet for stealthy pumping.


The compact, rechargeable pump can be worn on your hip, keeping heavy electronics out of your bra and off your breasts.


At 280mmHg of suction this little pump is stronger than most and lets you independently control the suction and cycle settings


The included Freemie SlimFit5 Cups fit in your bra underneath regular clothing and can collect up to 5 ounces of milk inside each lightweight cup. After each pump session simply remove the cups and transfer your milk to storage - reuse again and again!


Developed and patented by a Dr. Mom and entrepreneur spouse duo. FDA-cleared. Made with food-safe, medical-grade plastic. Made without latex, BPS, BPA or DEHP.

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Meet the Freemie Rose

Pretty personalized pumping for on the go, with Freemie Rose.

Freemie Box

    What's Included in the Box

  • Rose Pump

  • SlimFit5 Cup Set (30mm breast flanges)

  • SlimFit Fitmie Inserts (28mm and 25mm)

  • L-Connectors

  • Pump Connection Kit

  • USB-C Cord

  • Clothing Clip

  • Carrying Bag

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