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How to Order a Breast Pump Through Ambetter Insurance

Ambetter Health Insurance was founded in 2014 and currently serves over 2 million members. They provide insurance coverage plans across 27 states within the U.S. and are continually expanding their coverage area. They offer a variety of plans and healthcare services and are dedicated to meeting their member’s health needs, regardless of what they may be. They believe that high quality care is best delivered on a local level, which is why they work with local providers to make sure members have access to the care they need. Amber offers affordable Health Insurance that allows individuals to get the benefits, tools, and coverage necessary to take charge of your health. Through strategic care management programs and ongoing collaboration, Ambetter works to improve the health of the community, one person at a time. To help support your breastfeeding journey and life as a new parent, here’s a guide on how to order an insurance-covered breast pump through Ambetter.


Why Breastfeeding is Important for Newborns

While the choice of breastfeeding or using formula is a personal decision for every mother, the benefits of breast milk are undeniable. Breast milk provides newborns with essential vitamins and minerals for physical, mental, and emotional development. It also allows mothers to bond with their baby while providing them with physical and emotional protection.

The immune-boosting properties in breast milk have been scientifically proven to strengthen a baby's resistance to infection and disease, and reduce the risk of various health conditions such as asthma, infections, respiratory diseases, and childhood obesity. Breastfeeding is also known to decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

To make the most of this experience, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of your baby's life. This should begin shortly after delivery when colostrum is readily available to your newborn. Colostrum, known as liquid gold, is high in protein, fat-soluble vitamins, immunoglobulins, and minerals that help jumpstart your baby's immune system and physical development. It circulates antibodies between mom and baby, protecting your newborn from infection while their own system becomes strong enough to handle germs. Colostrum also has gastrointestinal and digestive benefits.

After about six months, solid foods can be introduced, but breast milk should still be the main source of nutrition until your baby is about 12 months old. At this time, you can still continue feeding your newborn breast milk, but a range of solids should be consumed to help diversify their diet and improve nutrient absorptionstart your order

Important Information About the Affordable Care Act

Although breastfeeding offers numerous benefits, it can be challenging to do exclusively. New mothers need some time to rest, and many women have careers that require them to return to work. To ensure that your baby continues to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for development, an efficient (and comfortable) breast pump is needed. However, many breast pumps can be costly and may not fit into a new parent's budget.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented in 2010 to make healthcare more accessible and expand the Medicaid program, as well as support innovative medical care methods. Thanks to this ACA expansion, health insurance providers are legally required to make breastfeeding support, counseling, and certain equipment accessible and available throughout the duration of breastfeeding. Breast pumps fall under the category of covered benefits and are considered durable medical equipment (DME), which are available at no cost to new and expecting mothers. However, some grandfathered plans may limit access or specific makes and models, so it is important to discuss your coverage and plan with your insurance provider to determine the type (manual or electric), availability, and eligibility for a new breast pump or rental. Always contact your insurance provider for more information on your coverage options or if you have any questions regarding your plan.


How Breast Pumping Can Supplement Nursing

Breast pumping can be a valuable addition to your breastfeeding journey. It enables new and expecting mothers to supplement nursing sessions with bottle feedings, while still ensuring that your baby receives healthy and nutritious milk. While breastfeeding exclusively for a few weeks is common, breast pumping allows for partners or other caregivers to take over feedings when rest, work, or other obligations require your attention. Additionally, breast pumping has been shown to increase milk supply, allowing you to store milk for future use and ensure that your baby receives vital vitamins and nutrients even when you are away. This can provide peace of mind knowing that your baby will be taken care of even in unexpected circumstances. To make sure you have the tools necessary to do this, Ambetter provides insurance-covered breast pumps at no cost to new and expecting mothers.


Ambetter Health Insurance Breast Pump Coverage

Ambetter offers several different health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace to members throughout the U.S. They’re offered in various levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with additional plan options in certain states. Many of their plans include coverage for preventative care, wellness programs, mental health and substance abuse, prescription drug coverage, and more. They also offer maternity and newborn care alongside pediatric services. All of the products at Ambetter are offered through Centene Corporation.

Centene Corporation is the largest Medicaid managed care organization in the country and provides a unique program for new and expecting mothers. Their Start Smart for Your Baby® program is one of their most innovative medical programs available and provides several benefits for new parents. It’s a pregnancy management program that incorporates care management, care coordination, and health education in an effort to improve maternal and infant health. Members who are enrolled in the Start Smart for Your Baby® program through Ambetter health insurance policies have access to educational materials and incentives for attending prenatal, postpartum, and well-child visits. They also have several community resources available, a personal nursing staff and 24/7 nurse advice line, special assistance for higher risk members, transportation assistance, and supplemental breastfeeding programs for services and support.

Each plan through Ambetter has different coverage and premium levels, allowing you to find something that matches your needs. If you need help better understanding your Ambetter insurance policy, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local representative. There are several ways that your insurance can help navigate life as a parent, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you have everything you need for your journey.

In addition to the various unique benefits provided by Ambetter, they also offer new and expecting mothers a breast pump covered by insurance to help facilitate their journey into parenthood. You can order a Medela breast pump via insurance, Elvie breast pumps, Spectra breast pumps, Willow breast pumps, and more directly from our website. It usually comes down to personal preference and the degree of coverage based on your policy. However, all breast pumps allow you to continue providing your baby with essential vitamins and minerals, regardless of what your schedule looks like. However, as with all insurance providers, coverage varies based on your location and policy, so make sure you understand all your options before placing an order.


How to Order a Breast Pump Through Ambetter Health Insurance

Byram Healthcare partners with Ambetter Health Insurance to provide insurance-covered breast pumps to new and expecting mothers. The process is easy—simply follow the prompts on our three-step ordering process. Once you’ve filled in your insurance provider's information and selected the make and model, you’ll receive an order confirmation for a breast pump provided at no cost through Ambetter Health Insurance. If you’d like to speak to a Byram representative, you’re welcome to reach out through the live chat option.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure what’s included in your plan, it's important to double-check with your local Ambetter representative or call them with any insurance-related concerns. If everything is in order and you have all the necessary documentation, Byram Healthcare will ship your breast pump within 4 to 7 business days after insurance processing. If you need to obtain a prescription, Byram can assist with that as well. Just make sure to include the name of your primary care physician or OB/GYN when prompted during the ordering process.

At Byram Healthcare, we make ordering an insurance-covered breast pump as easy and straightforward as possible. Browse our selection of breast pumps and start your order today.