First Trimester Pregnancy Facts & Benefits

Did you know pregnancy can actually be awesome? 

If you’re skeptical, we’ll prove it to you.

Here are three wonderful first trimester benefits

1. Your baby’s heart is already beating.

During the first trimester, as early as week 5, your baby’s heart has formed in the protective center called the “mesoderm.” It is dividing into chambers; beginning its long and steady purpose of beating and pumping blood throughout a strong and healthy body.

What else is happening in the first trimester? Plenty.

WEEK 6: A delicate skin is covering his or her precious body. Their cute and kissable mouth, nose, and ears are emerging.

Approximately the size of a blueberry , your baby is now forming a skeletal system with arms, legs, hands, and feet.

WEEK 8: Hair and nails are growing. 

WEEK 9: Heart valves begin to form. He or she is also budding tiny little teeth!

WEEK 10: Your baby is finished with the most critical of the developmental stages. They will complete the few remaining first trimester weeks with rapid development of these new tissues and organs.

WEEK 13: if your new baby is a girl, she will already have 2 million eggs in her ovaries.

The first trimester is quite a busy time for your little one!

2. Your body is surprisingly strong and capable

Every woman’s body is unique; each pregnancy distinctive.

Realizing the ridiculously amazing capabilities of your body is a first trimester benefit many of us weren’t expecting.

At times you will feel euphoric, glowing, strong, and vibrant.

Other times you might feel anxious, nauseous, exhausted, and—let’s just say it—bloated and gross.

But through all the ups and downs, stay mindful of how well-equipped your body is for this challenge. 


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3. You can receive a breast pump for no cost

This is the ultimate first trimester benefit.

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*Always consult your medical professional with any concerns and questions at any time during your pregnancy.