Should I get the Hygeia Q breast pump?

What Are the Key Features and Reviews for the Hygeia Q Breast Pump?

As a premium medical supplier, Byram Healthcare only offers market-preferred breast pumps to our clients. Due to the Affordable Care Act, Byram offers this variety of highly rated pumps – through most insurance plans – at no cost to you.


We hope to make your selection process streamlined and easy by offering this series of blog posts, highlighting the key features and user reviews for specific pumps.

Today we’re focusing on Hygeia’s Q Model breast pump.

Hygeia Q Breast Pump

La Leche League, the international breastfeeding non-profit and advocacy group endorse Hygeia. This model is categorized as Hospital Grade, designed for long-term and features a vacuum rhythm that mimics your baby’s unique patterns.

This model is designed for
• Frequent daily use.
• Single or double pumping.

This model features
• Closed system with a bacteriostatic filter to prevent contaminants
• Independently Adjustable Speed & Suction Controls
• BPA-free and DEHP-free materials.
• Adjustable pump vacuum.

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User Reviews

“Let me just say, Wow I’m glad I went with this pump!..As a first time mom I thought pumping was scary and would be difficult. I had no idea where to start so I reached out to a lactation consultant and they recommended the Hygeia Q breast pump. I ordered it from my insurance the following week. It arrived in the mail just after my daughter was born. It was easy to figure out…and pumping was easier than I thought. Don’t get me wrong it took some practice while nursing a baby on the opposite side but I learned to love my pump. It’s a closed system and the pieces are easy to clean. The suction is pretty awesome and has different speeds. It’s been over 10 months since I started using it and I can say I would make the purchase again. My only cons… It’s kinda noisy (like many are) and I wish it also had a battery option. We ended up buying an adapter for the car so that helps. We travel a lot and it isn’t difficult to take with me. I pump while we are driving 6-7 hours to visit family…”
-By M.S.P.Don January 7, 2015

I loved this pump. Read some negative reviews, but don’t agree. I was careful in my research of which product to purchase (via my insurance company). Of those offered [I chose] this one because it was said to have more versatility and power in pumping rate and suction/power. I was able to pump successfully with it for 6 months and stashed an enormous amount of milk – and my pump sessions were typically 10 minutes or less. I no longer pump except occasionally because I am home with babe and my supply is adequate. Plus it does have a good warranty (though I never had to call or use it)…”
-By A Girl in the World on December 17, 2014

“Let me start off by saying that I am an exclusive pumper so a good pump is crucial.I got this pump through my insurance company an have had two other pumps to compare it to: the Medela symphony, which is a hospital grade pump an the Medela freestyle, which is a battery operated pump.

I must admit that when I first got this pump I hated it after using the ?Cadillac? of the Symphony for 4 weeks after leaving the hospital with my little one. The Hygeia Q breast pump didn’t feel like it had a lot of suction at first but this is because the motors has a bigger difference between the pull and release phases of the suction than either of the Medela pumps I have used. So it feels like the pump is pulling off the breast a lot. This issue goes away completely if you buy a pumping bra to hold the flanges in place. Additionally, This rhythm of suction (personally) resulted in much less damage and soreness on my nipples. The Hygeia Q breast pump also has completely customized strength and speed so you can decide when the let down phase is done. Also there is no condensation collection in the tubing, unlike other pumps. As another reviewer mentions, it may take a week for your breasts to get used to any new pump, including this one and that was definitely the case with me. It took about a week for the pump to help me release the most milk. Be patient and it will pay off in the long run…”
-By Lori on August 21, 2014

I love love this pump, received through my insurance. I had milk production issues the first few weeks and saw a lactation consultant 2x and rented the Symphony first. I assumed when I transitioned to my personal pump the results would be less but the output was just as good as the hospital grade! It has speed and suction adjustments, which are pretty strong. I usually keep the strength at the lowest setting and the speed about mid way. I am back at work and am pumping around 8 oz a session – 15/20 minutes. I get about 6 oz out of my good side and 2 out of the other (baby prefers only the right).
-By novadancer on July 2, 2014

“I received the [Hygeia Q breast pump] through my insurance. I like that it’s a closed system, LLL endorsed, and a green product. But I selected this pump because it’s fully adjustable on both speed and suction – the other options through my insurance were not. This is important because it allows you to have full control for let down, etc. The suction is very strong and I hardly turn it up. Saw some negative reviews out there – not sure why so I wanted to weigh in since I find this to be a great pump.”
-By Mary on May 22, 2014

From an independent review at

“Three things in particular made the Hygeia Q breast pump attractive to me:

  1. It’s a closed system pump. This means there’s no way that milk (and therefore mold and other ick) can get into your motor. This also makes it safe to share between users; however, each user should purchase her own tubing and flanges.
  2. You can independently control cycle rate and suction strength. Hygeia pumps have separate dials for cycle rate and suction strength meaning you have complete control. Why does this matter? Because ideally you want your pump to mimic how a baby nurses with a fast suck to trigger a letdown and a slower, slightly stronger suck to keep the milk flowing. Every woman is going to have a different “sweet spot” on the dials – even from session to session – so this level of control is HUGE. The Ameda Purely Yours is very similar in this regard.
  3. Hygeia is WHO Code compliant. Basically this means they aren’t advertising in a way that does anything to promote bottle feeding. You can read more about the WHO Code here.

And one bonus thing…Hygeia recycles! They have a pump recycling program!

Do you like the sound of the Hygeia Q Breast Pump? We certainly do. Get your Hygeia Q breast pump from Byram Healthcare, paid for through your insurance company.

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