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How to Order a Breast Pump Through Oscar Insurance

Oscar Insurance was started in 2012 in an effort to create a health insurance company that behaves like a doctor in the family. It’s the first company that’s built around a full stack technology platform with a relentless focus on serving their members. They believe that every American deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care that fits their lifestyle. This includes individuals who want to start a family and live a full, robust life with their children. To make sure that every family receives the same advantages, they include comprehensive maternity coverage in all of their policies. To help you prepare for your journey into parenthood, here’s more information on how to order a breast pump through Oscar Insurance.


The Importance of Breastfeeding

There are hundreds of choices that new and expecting parents need to make. This often begins as soon as couples find out they’re pregnant and continues throughout their child’s life. From choosing a name and designing a nursery to planning healthy meals and buying baby products, things can get a little overwhelming. However, one choice that’s easy to make is the decision to breastfeed. Breastfeeding provides countless health benefits to both mom and baby. It helps strengthen the bond between you both during the first few weeks of your baby’s life and can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Breast milk also reduces the risk of several infections, respiratory diseases, childhood obesity, asthma, and more. For these benefits to occur, it’s recommended that you breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of your baby’s life and then slowly begin introducing solid foods. This helps strengthen your baby’s immune system, support development, and encourage a healthy mental wellbeing for years to come.

One thing to keep in mind is that breastfeeding should begin as soon as you deliver, when your body is producing and releasing a nutrient-dense substance called colostrum—commonly known as liquid gold. Colostrum is high in protein, fat-soluble vitamins, immunoglobulins, and minerals to help jumpstart your baby’s development and immune system. It helps to circulate the antibodies passed between mom and baby and is packed with disease-fighting white blood cells to ward off infection. Colostrum is also great for your baby’s gastrointestinal and digestive systems.

Oscar Insurance understands that choosing between breastfeeding and formula feeding is, however, a personal decision. There are many new moms that have difficulty breastfeeding and several newborns that face problems with latching. However, just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Consider speaking with a lactation consultant to address any challenges and get the support you need for a successful breastfeeding experience. Lactation consultations are usually covered under your insurance policy, but always check with a representative to be sure.

Order Your Insurance Covered Breast Pump

How a Breast Pump Can Help

While most new moms want nothing more than to spend their day bonding with their baby, life requires attention. Working moms will inevitably need to return to their careers and even stay at home moms need a break every now and then. Breast pumps are an effective way to maximize your time management without sacrificing the health and nutrition of your baby.

Breast pumps allow new moms to expel breast milk, create a freezer stash, and give someone else the chance to take over feedings. Even if you plan to stay by your baby’s side, breast pumps can help improve your milk supply, provide nutrition for babies who have latching difficulties, and relieve the occasional case of engorgement. They also provide your partner with an opportunity to bond with your baby during feedings.

Due to these benefits and more, breast pumps are considered durable medical equipment (DME). This means they provide substantial and incomparable benefits to those who need them. Due to the proven health benefits of breast milk on development, breast pumps fall under this category and are therefore covered by insurance policies. Now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance providers are legally required to cover the cost of a breast pump for new and expecting mothers.


Oscar Insurance’s Commitment to Postpartum Care

Oscar Insurance believes that all women are entitled to the same attentiveness and care, especially during pregnancy and birth. Their inclusive coverage includes LGBTQ+ members and individuals throughout the country. From conception to delivery and beyond, their team of representatives can help you find a provider, enjoy Lamaze classes or counseling, and support your journey from delivery into postpartum. They even offer support for mothers who suffered the tragic occurrence of a miscarriage.

Oscar Plan Coverage

Understanding the coverage details of your Oscar plan is important for getting the most out of your policy. However, always check with a representative to confirm in-network providers and coverage details. In addition to your annual physical, Oscar Insurance plans include a well-woman visit. This can be done with your OB/GYN and does not require any copay. This visit includes pregnancy testing if contraceptive has been removed, cervical cancer screening or Pap Smear, mammogram and/or breast exam, gynecological exam, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. If your pregnancy test is positive, Oscar plans cover comprehensive maternity care including prenatal screenings, routine prenatal visits, a maternal depression screening, counseling, and discussions regarding family history or general concerns.

Oscar Insurance plans also support pregnant women with up to five visits with a lactation consultant using an in-network professional. If you want to use an out-of-network consultant, check your coverage eligibility with an Oscar representative. Expecting moms are also eligible to attend specific maternity-related classes during their pregnancy. Oscar insurance provides one breast pump per duration of breastfeeding. They must either be rented from a hospital or purchased from an in-network durable medical equipment (DME) vender.

Preventative care services are also covered. These include things such as immunizations, lab tests, screenings, sonograms, and ultrasounds. Once your baby is born, they’ll receive routine newborn preventative care. You’ll also receive breastfeeding support from a trained lactation consultant if needed.

Understanding Oscar’s Out-of-Pocket Costs

If you’re pregnant or planning to have a baby, all of the health insurance plans with Oscar Insurance will cover essential benefits. However, your degree of coverage with Oscar Insurance depends on certain factors, primarily the metallic tier of coverage you have. Your options are Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. In most cases, diagnostic services for pregnancy or other medical service unrelated to your pregnancy are subject to cost sharing. Oscar has a variety of coverage options that include prenatal care, labor, childbirth, and postpartum care. Always contact an Oscar representative with any questions related to coverage and tier. For a detailed overview of your options and out-of-pocket costs, review the latest maternity guide from Oscar.


When to Order Your Oscar Insurance Covered Breast Pump

Due to the high volume of makes and models available, we recommend that you begin your search for a breast pump early in your pregnancy. There are several options on the market, so take your time to review their features and find something that fits your needs. Oscar Insurance members can order their breast pump during pregnancy, or after delivery. Most breast pumps are covered in full as a preventative service. However, you need to purchase one from an in-network durable medical equipment (DME) vendor. Byram Healthcare is proud to be a DME vendor in Oscar Insurance’s network.

If you’re unsure about the details of your Oscar Insurance coverage, call a representative. During this time, make sure you ask about requirements, timing, and any postpartum needs you anticipate. Coverage many vary based on make and model, so ask about brand names, manual or electric pumps, hospital-grade coverage, and rental options. Make sure you confirm whether or not you’ll need a prescription and ask about when you can order your breast pump. Finally, inquire about the ordering process. While we recommend using Byram’s Oscar approved medical supply order form, some providers allow you to shop retail and submit a receipt.

During the preparation process, if everything goes smoothly and you have the required documentation, Byram Healthcare will make sure that your breast pump is shipped and delivered within 4-7 business days following insurance processing. If you don’t have a prescription at the time of ordering, don’t worry. Include the name of your primary care physician or OB/GYN when prompted and Byram can help you obtain one.

Byram Healthcare works hard to make the process of ordering an insurance covered breast pump as easy and straightforward as possible. Browse our selection of breast pumps and begin your order today.