A Review of Inspirational Posts Part 3

Breast pumping is emotionally, psychologically, and physically challenging. We all agree on this as truth. But we also know how valuable breast milk is for a growing baby.

On Facebook, we seek to support and inspire you, now and again, with quick tips and supportive words.

In case you’ve missed these Facebook posts, here’s a handful of inspirations from the past year to help you “Find Your Breast-Pumping Groove.” Read the first two installments here:

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Find your breast-pumping groove. Hang mistletoe where you pump as a reminder of all the love and kisses that come a mama’s way. (This is even better advice outside of the holidays!)

Find your breast-pumping groove. It’s okay to accept the help you are offered as a new mama. Your family and friends want to feel helpful.

Find your breast-pumping groove. Positive thoughts = positive pumpers. Your mantra for the New Year: “I’m an awesome mama.” (This is your mantra all year long!)

Find your breast-pumping groove! Pump like the Norse god of heroic glory for which Tuesdays are named.

Find your breast-pumping groove. Keep a journal with your breast pump and use the time to record a few memories from this precious day with your babe.


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