A Review of Inspirational Posts Part 2

Breast pumping is no joke. It can be grueling and exhausting. But it is definitely worthwhile.

On Facebook we seek to support and inspire you, now and again, with quick tips and supportive words.

In case you’ve missed them, here’s a second handful of inspirations from the past year to help you “Find Your Breast-Pumping Groove.” Read the first handful here

Find your breast-pumping groove. Once you’ve reached your full milk production, you can maintain your milk supply by pumping 6-7 times a day.

Find your breast-pumping groove. Like everything that’s important and worthwhile, this too takes time, practice, and patience.

Find your breast-pumping groove. Use this private time for yourself. Call a friend or read a book. Close your eyes or decompress.

Find your breast-pumping groove. Settle into a routine and see more output.

Find your breast-pumping groove. During this precious time pop in your ear buds and unwind with some of your favorite tunes.

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