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How to Get a Lansinoh Breast Pump Through Insurance

As you prepare for the arrival of your new baby, one essential item to consider is the Lansinoh breast pump. This period can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, with a to-do list that seems to get longer every day and physical changes restricting your movement as you head into your third trimester. It’s easy to overlook some details for the arrival of your new baby in the midst of all this. The closer your due date gets, the more you’ll focus on the big picture items—installing a car seat, packing a hospital bag, and stocking up on essential baby accessories. However, even if you’re not sure you’ll need one, it’s highly recommended to order an insurance-covered breast pump along with your onesies, wet wipes, and diapers. To help you navigate through all of the options available, we’ll provide some guidance on how to get a Lansinoh breast pump through insurance.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers an array of undeniable advantages. While it's recommended to exclusively provide your newborn with breast milk for the first six months, even a short breastfeeding period can have lifelong benefits. For optimal results, mothers are encouraged to continue breastfeeding alongside solid foods until their child reaches up to two years old. This is because the rich nutrients present in breast milk bolster a baby's immunity, support healthy brain development, and promote steady weight gain and growth.

Despite the naturalness of breastfeeding, many women experience some degree of difficulty with latching during their initial attempts at nursing. But don't be discouraged; these challenges are common during the early weeks, and almost all mothers experience them to some degree or another. Lactation consultants can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right latch and optimizing your nursing sessions, so don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for recommendations.

If you want to get started on the right foot, work with a lactation consultant before your delivery day. This will help increase the chances that your newborn benefits from colostrum, which is often referred to as “liquid gold.” Colostrum is packed with essential nutrients, including protein, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and immunoglobulins, which nourish and protect your newborn. When you breastfeed soon after delivery, you pass on these valuable benefits, which help lay the foundation for your baby's healthy development. After colostrum has passed, breastfeeding will continue to provide long-term benefits such as improved immunity and the reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), asthma, childhood obesity, infections, and respiratory diseases.

If breastfeeding isn't an option for you, there are viable alternatives to explore. Consult your doctor about the potential advantages and disadvantages of obtaining breast milk from other mothers in your area. Some women pump and store excess breast milk, which they may be willing to donate to those in need. In fact, community-based initiatives have emerged in recent years, facilitating the safe and healthy exchange of breast milk. If this option interests you, work closely with your doctor and seek out reputable organizations. As long as the donor breast milk has been acquired from a reputable source and upholds certain standards, it’s safe to give to your newborn. Alternatively, your pediatrician can provide guidance on formula options that support your baby's development.

The Benefits of Using a Breast Pump to Supplement Nursing Sessions

Many new mothers spend the first few weeks of their newborn’s life nursing. It’s a great way to bond with your baby and welcome them into the family, but you’ll need to address your other responsibilities over the days and weeks. Although some women are blessed with the opportunity to nurse exclusively, many new moms have a career that they need to return to. Plus, having some time away is good for you both. When you’re unable to be around your baby, a breast pump can help you continue to nourish your baby with breast milk.

A breast pump allows mothers to express and store breast milk for later use. This is absolutely crucial if you plan to be away from your baby for even one morning, afternoon, or evening during their first year. Pumping breast milk to supplement breastfeeding can also help you build a milk supply, allowing others to feed your baby when you’re gone without having to rely on formula. To help, you can obtain a new insurance-covered breast pump for zero out-of-pocket costs.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, an insurance-covered breast pump is available to all new and expecting mothers at zero out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, even if you aren’t 100% sure you’ll use it, you might as well get one and have it on hand. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the settings and instructions before your hands are full. Although there are hundreds of different options to choose from, one of the leading types of breast pumps available on the market are Lansinoh breast pumps.

The Lansinoh Story

Resheda Hagen, the founder of Lansinoh, realized that when she was pregnant with her first child in the 70s, there wasn’t much support for breastfeeding available. She dealt with many of the problems that mothers today deal with and experienced the same frustration new mothers are all too familiar with. This led her to launch Lansinoh in 1984. Today, Lansinoh works with the understanding that when mothers thrive, we all thrive. They also maintain a commitment to sustainability that supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Lansinoh has several products to support breastfeeding and postpartum recovery, including things like breast pumps, nipple creams, nursing bags, feeding bottles, accessories, and more.

What to Know About Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Lansinoh makes a few high-quality breast pumps, but their most popular device is the Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 Double Electric Breast Pump. This pump was designed with your comfort in mind while providing options to pump discreetly and confidently regardless of where you are. It comes with three different sizes of ComfortFit® flanges with soft, flexible rims that hug your curves for the ideal fit and optimal suction. This allows you to choose the best size for your needs and have backups on hand in case of fluctuations. This powerful breast pump also has eight different suction levels for adjustable hospital strength to maximize milk flow. Plus, the motor is ultra-quiet and is barely above a whisper, so you can pump wherever, whenever. With customizable pump settings and built-in memory, the Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 Double Electric Breast Pump will remember your settings so you can easily start your next pumping session with the push of a button. Plus, Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 Double Electric Breast Pump can connect to the Lansinoh® Baby app so you can automatically control your pump and track your sessions.

When you order a Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 Double Electric Breast Pump from Byram Healthcare, you’ll receive all of the following components:

  • 1 Lansinoh® Smartpump 3.0 pump unit
  • 2 ComfortFit® flanges (25mm)
  • 2 ComfortFit® flanges (28mm)
  • 2 ComfortFit® flanges (30.5mm)
  • 2 Lansinoh® breastmilk collection bottles (5oz)
  • 2 Bottle storage lids
  • 2 Flange bodies
  • 4 Diaphragms
  • 2 Diaphragm caps
  • 1 NaturalWave® nipple (slow flow)
  • 1 Nipple collar
  • 1 Nipple cover
  • 4 White valves
  • 3 Connection tubes
  • 1 Y Tubing connector
  • 1 Pump connector
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Instruction booklet

How to Order a Lansinoh Breast Pump Through Insurance

New and expecting mothers can obtain a Lansinoh breast pump through insurance providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, and more. Although it can seem like an overwhelming ordeal, Byram Healthcare is here to help simplify the process. Before starting, confirm your coverage options with your insurance provider, and check to see if a prescription is required from your doctor or OB/GYN. Although most insurance providers will require a prescription for breast pumps, Byram Healthcare is available to connect you and your doctor to streamline your order.

Byram Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading medical supply companies. We work to connect new and expecting mothers with the necessary education, support, and supplies they need for a successful pregnancy and parenting journey. Our easy, three-step ordering process allows new mothers to get their free breast pump through insurance as soon as possible. We also collaborate with providers and manufacturers to match new and expecting mothers with the ideal breast pump for their needs. Browse our selection of pumps and start your order today. If you have any insurance-related questions, contact Byram Healthcare's breast pump experts for assistance.