Byram Healthcare Supports World Breastfeeding Week 2018

It’s time to come together once again in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. Year after year, we hear stories of our world filled with malnutrition, inequality, and poverty. We’re here to advocate for the support and encouragement of breastfeeding to help fight these problems. You can help us by going above and beyond to show your support August 1 – 7, 2018 during World Breastfeeding Week.

The objectives for this year’s World Breastfeeding Week campaign are similar to 2017. We are banding together to inform, anchor, engage, and galvanize the positive links between breastfeeding and health of the individual, family, community, and world. This year’s slogan, Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life, is a call to action for everyone to understand that breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for both babies and mothers. Change starts with you. Join the #WBW2018 Thunderclap campaign today and help us take one step closer to a healthier future!

With a strong foundation of life from breastfeeding, we aim to reduce inequalities, prevent malnutrition, ensure food security, and even break the cycle of poverty. That’s why everyone at Byram Healthcare is proud to support and spread the world about WABA’s World Breastfeeding Week and will continue to support, encourage, and engage in the promotion and protection of breastfeeding. If you are interested in learning more, head over to the World Breastfeeding Week website. You can also share the graphics on our Byram Healthcare Facebook page in order to help us spread the word!