Byram Healthcare Supports National Breastfeeding Month

In order to come together and build a stronger community that recognizes and promotes the act breastfeeding, we need to start talking about it more. For this reason, we’ve declared August as National Breastfeeding Month. Throughout the entire month of August, the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) will host an outreach campaign on social media with different weekly focuses aimed to better support and promote breastfeeding families.

This year, the USBC aims to increase awareness on four different areas. Week 1 (August 1 – 7) educates us on how small policy changes can go a long way toward supporting breastfeeding families. Week 2 (August 8 – 15) gives families resources and guidance on how to manage feedings during times of emergency. Week 3 (August 16 – 22) will focus on educating everyone as to how they can help make breastfeeding easier for mothers. Finally, Week 4 (August 25 -31) is the celebration of the 6th annual Black Breastfeeding Week where we will focus on using #LoveOnTop, since love encompasses everything we do.

Byram Healthcare is a proud supporter of National Breastfeeding month and encourages you to join us in the social media movement. Let’s commit to helping USBC reach their objectives to better educate and promote breastfeeding. Through social media, education, small changes and big conversation, we can achieve anything. Share the graphics on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #NBM18 to show your friends and family that you’re proud to be a part of the breastfeeding movement!