What to Expect During the First Trimester

Labor Day is the first day, not the only day.

Congratulations! The next 40 weeks are a wonderful & crazy time. Here are some tips to help you survive the first trimester freak out.

Weight Gain

Prepare to cut yourself some slack. You’re literally eating for two.

  • Enjoying healthy, nutritious meals and snacks is always important – now more than ever.
  • If anything, make sure you’re eating enough. Of course, some changes are to be expected.
  • So, it’s important to buy clothes that you like and can wear comfortably. The key word is comfort!

Tired? Listen To Your Body.

A healthy, happy mom is a well-rested mom. Your body will tell you when you’re pushing too hard. So…

  1. Rest when you need it. Slowing down can help you recoup your strength and manage stress – whether it’s a nap, a snack, or just putting your feet up.
  2. Be your own advocate. You’re building a person from scratch and there’s a lot happening. Cut yourself some slack.

Morning Sickness & Other New Experiences

You may not know what to expect during the first trimester and we don’t want to scare you, but we do want to be forthcoming and helpful – sometimes it’s gonna get uncomfortable.

Do healthy things that make you happy.

For some, that’s sipping ginger ale (or ginger anything!) to calm nausea. For others, it’s enjoying the fact that you can now literally smell everything – for better or worse.

So Many Changes!

It’s an exciting time. Just remember to trust yourself, ask questions, and check back for updates, advice, and tips. You don’t know what to expect during the first trimester if this is your first child, and that’s totally okay.

Every mom’s experience is different, but knowing what’s available to you and what to expect on this incredible journey is always a good thing. Congratulations again! It’s a truly magical time – enjoy it.

*Always consult your medical professional with any concerns and questions at any time during your pregnancy.