An Independence Day Celebration of Pumping Mamas

We hope you all celebrated a safe and festive holiday, yesterday. And while we might be a day late we couldn’t resist such a perfect opportunity to celebrate all you patient and determined pumping mamas out there.

So here’s a bit of fun and much-earned praise you can sing to the tune of the National Anthem (which is most likely still stuck in your head anyway).

O! say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly you held at the twilight’s last feeding,
Whose broad cheeks and bright eyes through another sleepless night,
O’er the monitor you watched, while you pumped to precious hearts beating?
Amidst the whir of that pump, you will not be a grump,
For there’s ample proof that your babe needs that milk to grow up;
O! say does that doe-eyed little darling yet cling?
To the mom who pumps (…and pumps) and for whom we now sing!

Happy belated Fourth of July and, as always, happy pumping!