Breast Pump Accessory Gifts for Valentine's Day

Hey, Dads—This Post is For You

“Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January.” – Jim Gaffigan

Dads, husbands, partners: this one’s for you. We told her to forward this to you.

Because here’s the thing—breast pumping is really hard work. It might not look like it’s that difficult from your vantage point. No doubt the rockstar-mama-of-your-babe has gotten the hang of this. She probably has a routine and makes it look easy. You rarely hear her complain…anymore…or only when she’s really tired after a super long day.

But we’re here to tell it like it is so that you can best understand and support the lady of your life. And the simple truth is that breast pumping is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Her body is the main source of nutrition for your little one and that often leads to exhaustion. Motivated to do everything in her power for the well-being of your child, it’s also very common for breast pumping moms to feel disconnected from themselves and their sensual natures.

It’s your job to remind your partner how naturally beautiful she on a daily basis. It’s your responsibility to cheerlead her every effort in nurturing your child. And on Valentine’s Day, it’s your pleasure to let her know that you’re along for the journey and eager to make—at least—one day in February all about her.

Gifts are always a great way to show her this. And of course, we recommend giving something traditionally Valentines-y: chocolate, lacy underwear, an intimate dinner date.

But we also recommend adding a few, less traditional items to this year’s Valentine’s Day efforts—items that let her know that you love her, that you are her cheerleader through the exhaustion of breast pumping and that you recognize she might like a few items to make her daily work a little less taxing.

Freemie Hands Free Collection Cups
Although these amazing collections cups are designed specifically by Freemie, they are compatible with most pumps on today’s market. These little beauties will definitely simplify the process of pumping and let your wife know how much you care about her well-being.

Medela Accessory Starter Kit
You don’t have to bother with the details of this kit, but suffice to say—these items are all about increasing convenience and easing the stress of breast pumping.

A Sleek Tote for her Breast Pump
Another free tip, gentlemen—women love bags. Make sure your lady has a tote for her pump.

To order any of these accessories simply call 1-877-773-1972. Mention “free shipping” and, presto, your accessories will arrive with no shipping cost.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

*Note: This information herein was compiled by our resident Moms in the Know and is not informed by medical or legal experts. This information does not directly reflect the views or opinions of Byram Healthcare.


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