The Affordable Care Act and Breast Pumps

Under the Affordable Care Act breast pumps are covered under the majority of health insurance plans.

The legislation has pushed insurance companies to cover breast pumps under their offered policies so now “a breast pump is fully covered under most health insurance plans.”

With your policy number in hand, call your insurance company and have them walk you through the exact coverage terms of your.

Ordering your covered breast pump through Byram is simple.

  1. Visit the breast pump section of our website at
  1. Click the orange button that reads, “Start Order.”
  2. Select your insurance company from the drop-down list.
  3. The breast pumps offered through your insurance provider will subsequently appear on your screen.

You can learn more about each specific pump by clicking on it.

  1. Once you determine which breast pump you prefer click the “Add to Cart” button.

You will finalize your order by entering valid insurance details and personal information (saying “thank you affordable care act!” is optional).

That’s it.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act Breast Pumps are being used more than ever.

Should you have questions or require assistance at any time in your order process, you can request a Live Chat with one of our dedicated specialists via the “Need Assistance” button in the lower right corner of each page.

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