How to Relieve Stress Naturally During Pregnancy

How to Relieve Stress Naturally During Pregnancy Life can be stressful. It’s a natural emotion and impacts all of us on a daily basis. When you throw pregnancy into the equation, it can become harder to manage. But don’t worry; pregnancy creates new stressors [...]

How to Talk Parenting With Your Partner

How to Talk Parenting With Your Partner When you and your partner begin thinking about having children, many new discussions will arise. The biggest ones being, how will you be as parents or what will your parenting style be? There are a lot of changes that co [...]

7 Things I Wish I Had Gotten Before Bringing Baby Home

Things to Take Care of Before Bringing Baby Home Having a baby means that you are going to be spending quite a bit of time, and money, picking out new equipment. Even if you’re lucky enough to gain a few things secondhand, you’ll still need to do some shopping [...]

Changes in Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Change in Sexual Desire While Pregnant Pregnancy is exciting. It opens up a whole new world for you and your partner. It’s a time filled with change, both external and internal, that will be great as well as not so great. If you’re used to having an overactive [...]

The Expecting Mothers’ Guide to Baby Names

Thinking About Baby Names Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Get ready for the joys of pregnancy, along with the inevitable process of choosing a name for your future mini-human. Many couples have this conversation long before actually trying to become pregnant [...]

Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Taming Fears About Body Changes & Weight Gain During Pregnancy When you find out that you’re pregnant, a mixture of emotions flood your system. Sure, you'll likely be excited about bringing a child into the world, but maybe also afraid of what will happen [...]

How to Prepare Your Finances When Expecting a Baby

Preparing Finances for the Addition of a Baby Having a baby is one of the most exciting milestones in a relationship. You and your partner get to share the intense joy of bringing a child into the world and starting your own family. While everything surroundin [...]

The Ultimate Pre-Baby Bucket List

The Ultimate Pre-Baby Bucket List: 25 Things to Do Before Your First-Born     For many young couples, compatibility and planning for the future begins with talking children. Do you want them? How many do you want? What age would you like to have them? And [...]

Pregnancy and Cats: Tips to Prevent Toxoplasmosis

Tips to Prevent Toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis is a well-known threat to pregnant women. There are even doctors who go to extremes - advising expecting women to give away any cats in the household. If you own a pet, you know giving him or her away is the last thi [...]

How to Overcome First Trimester Exhaustion

Overcoming Exhaustion in the 1st Trimester If you've yet to be pregnant, it is difficult to fully wrap your mind around what its like. Your body is going through a wide range of internal and external changes in preparation for nurturing an additional life. Wit [...]

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