Medela Pump In Style® Hands-free Insurance Upgrade Breast Pump

Pump hands-free discreetly at home or in the office without sacrificing performance & comfort

Medela In Style hands free breast pump

Hands-Free Pumping

Medela’s new Pump In Style® Hands-Free double electric breast pump helps busy moms pump 11.8% more milk* without compromising on pumping performance*. The anatomically designed collection cups are separate from the pump, discreet and fit comfortably in most nursing bras. The combination of 105° angled breast shields, 2-Phase Expression® technology, and Maxflow™ technology with a stronger vacuum makes Medela’s Pump In Style® Hands-Free the ultimate solution in hands-free pumping.

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High Performance

Hospital grade comfortable pumping for more milk in less time

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Easy to Clean

Easy to clean collection cups with only 3 parts to clean & dishwasher safe

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Includes a battery pack for convenient pumping away from the power outlet**

Stronger Vacuum

Built-in vacuum with no compromise in performance when using Hands-free Collection Cups vs. classic PersonalFit Flex™ pumping kits


More Milk, Less Time

Breast pump features 10 adjustable levels and Maxflow™ technology generates vacuum with micro-vibrations, allowing for effective milk removal.
More milk due to anatomically shaped 105 degree angled breast shields that are clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%*

Full System

Integrates perfectly with classic PersonalFit Flex™ parts², giving you freedom of choice in how to collect your milk.

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Mimics baby's Natural Sucking

Hospital Performance combined with 2-Phase Expression® technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm for more efficient pumping

Comfortable Pumping

Wearable, ultra-lightweight collection cups are among the lightest available (2.7oz. each) and are designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra


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Meet the Medela Pump In Style® Hands-Free Pump

What's in the Box?

Medela box contents
  • (1) Pump In Style Breast Pump
  • (2) Hands-free Collection Cups with 24mm shield and O-ring
  • (2) 21mm breast shield
  • (1) Complete tubing
  • (1) Power adaptor
  • (1) Battery pack (8AA not included)
  • (1) Instructions for use & Quick Start Guide

*Clinical studies, PersonalFit Flex compared to PersonalFit data on file (NCT02496429, NCT02492139, NCT02719548, NCT03091985) **Batteries not included ²PersonalFit Flex™ parts sold separately, not included with Pump In Style® Hands-free

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